Data Center Solutions

Any downtime or power failure can result in massive financial losses and poor business performance. This is one of the major reasons why organizations must set up robust, scalable and efficient data centers, storage and servers systems that further enable them in boosting their performance.

Systematic Communication is the premier provider of Data Centers of robust, scalable and flexible solutions that allow enterprises to run and manage their mission critical data and applications with ease. We provide tier 3 and tier 4 data center solutions, deploying hardware within our client's data center that offer complete redundancy. With our tier 3 data center hardware configuration, clients can manage their maintenance works without impacting the servers' continuity.

With such solutions, enterprises can enjoy partial redundancy of up to 99.98%. On the other hand, we also offer tier 4 data center solutions, which impart the highest level of safety for an     organization's data center, since it is built for withstanding floods, earthquakes, fires and floods and other serious incidents. The tier 4 data center architecture is fully robust as far as its cooling, electrical circuits and network is concerned, providing 99.99% availability. Our tier 4 data center solutions feature quite a few physical security aspects that protects an organization's data against human or physical intrusions.