Juniper PTX3000 Router

The PTX3000 is a dense, ultra-compact 8-Tbps core router that is highly optimized to meet the service provider challenges of space and power. We designed this router to support IP/MPLS applications, including Internet backbone, peering, label-switched routing, metro packet optical, regional cores, space-constrained central offices (COs), and colocation facilities.

An eight-slot router occupying 22 rack units, the PTX3000 supports up to eight FPCs, each providing one PIC. It delivers the best of IP and optical worlds, offering the flexibility of a full-featured IP network with the reliability, performance, and scale of optical transport in a single collapsed router.

Featuring 300 mm ETSI-compliant depth, 8 Tbps of forwarding capacity, and less than half a watt per Gbps power consumption, the PTX3000 achieves new limits of efficiency. Compared to similar products, the PTX3000 outperforms the competition by two to six times on efficiency metrics of power, cooling, and space. At the same time, it delivers very dense, fully integrated photonics and coherent dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) 100GbE transport.

Product Features

- Enormous scalability: Providing up to 1 Tbps per slot powered by Juniper Networks ExpressPlus™ silicon, PTX3000 helps service providers increase capacity without expanding their network and facilities footprint.
- High availability hardware: PTX3000 delivers service provider reliability for a Converged Supercore architecture that carries all traffic types.
- High availability software: PTX3000 enables software upgrades without service disruption.
- Unparalleled packet processing scale: PTX3000 meets the challenge of scaling to higher traffic volumes at reduced cost.
- Ultra-compact: PTX3000 addresses critical requirements for optical elements in colocations, COs, and metro networks.
- Reduced cost: The DWDM PIC is a key component in deploying a simplified, collapsed packet-optical core network architecture that helps service providers control costs.
- Elegant management: Junos Space Connectivity Services Director provides a single, intuitive, and interactive interface for design, management, and validation across IP and optical layers.