BioEnable eNBioAccess-T5 Fingerprint Attendance and Access Controller

eNBioAccess-T5: A new Fingerprint Attendance And Access Control system will offer advanced functions with power over Ethernet technology. It will be used for security, industrial applications and IT Environments where the ease of use and reliability of ‘drop-in’ PoE connectivity is essential. The management is confident that the system will offer a wide range of solutions and a new level of security, information into challenging environments from IT to hospitality. APPLICATIONS Time Attendance : Industry oriented Time Attendance device with Touch Keypad and User Management Software for todays Time attendance needs. Access Control : This is a multi-function system, capable of entry control, user defined gate access. School Buildings : This can be used for school administrative tasks, including entry control and student attendance records. Corporate Offices / Laboratories,Government Establishment / Commercial Primises

Product Features

4.3 inch Color LCD with Touch Screen - Fingerprint Image Quality Check - Notice / Status bar - Wallpaper with company logo Superior Matching Engine - 1st Rank in FVC ( Fingerprint Verification Competition ) Auto-On Function & Live Finger Detection Built-in Camera - Takes pictures for every transaction with storage in server USB Memory Slot - Easy data transfer using USB memory stick Function Key - User-defined functions (F1~F4) - Clock In/Clock Out/Absence/Return Multifactor Authentication - Fingerprint, RF Card, Password Multi Language support with Audio-visual indications Built-in battery & PoE (Optional) Centralized Biometric Access control on IP technology