Gunnebo Boom Barriers

Our range of boom barriers serves the purpose of allowing individual passage of vehicles and regulating the entry and exit of vehicles. We offer both hand- and poweroperated models depending on the area of application. The latter are designed for continuous use and can easily manage high traffic volumes. Boom lengths are variable, meaning that even large passage widths can be secured.

Product Features

- High-speed of open / close: .0.8/1.5 sec. optional.
- Inclusive of arm with optional LED light bar x 1 , push button x 1 which opens/closes barrier.
- Straight boom arm with rubber bar,Max.length 3m for 0.8 sec. / 3.5 m for 1.5 sec.

- Speed of open / close: 2/3/4 sec depending on length
- Straight arm, length : Upto 6 m
- Inclusive of arm x1,push button x1, Option remoter x2
- Option of anti-collision mechanism, Photocell
- Housing color optional: yellow/orange/white/red/blue